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Our classes incorporate the domains of development and important preschool concepts, your dreamer will have fun with this enriching hands-on curriculum!

Experience God's love and the fun of learning every day!

Each month our dreamers will learn about a new theme and career to explore through our fun programs and activities. 

While The Dreamers Academy is currently online, we strive to create fun and educational programs whether we are meeting online or in person. 

We cannot wait to meet you in the classroom!

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“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’"

- Matthew 19:14

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Learn through creating!

From open ended art to themed crafts, our dreamers make our themes their own through creating their world!

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Music aids in brain development! 

Music is such an important part of early childhood and our dreamers will love learning about music through play!

Join our virtual bible classs


From bible verses to bible stories and arts and crafts, your child will learn important bible concepts. Its important to us at The Dreamers Academy that each of our Dreamers leave knowing that they are loved by God.

ABC Cubes


From abc's to sounds to sight words our dreamers are developing their language skills everyday. Through conversations, activities, and even sign language your dreamers will love learning about language!

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123's Shapes Patterns and so much more! Our dreamers learn about math through the world around them!

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Outside Play

The great outdoors is our second classroom! We believe it is important to experience nature everyday when the weather allows us.


Through water to sand  and other sensory fun children get to feel the concept in this center through exploration. Dreamers will have the chance to have their curiosity lead them through these activities. ​


Through fun experiments children get to explore our theme through their senses in this hands-on activity! Dreamers get to grow their brain as they learn about the basics of scientific reasoning 


Little bodies need to move! That's why we incorporate many different forms of gross motor activities in to our lessons!


Concepts and letters will be further explored through sign language! 

Dramatic play

Children learn through play! Schools take the joy of learning out to soon. We understand how important this aspect is in early childhood and make it apart of our learning process!


Our dreamers learn important skills through cooking! This wonderful activity incorporates math, science, and art! Not to mention its super tasty!

Social Emotional  

Through stories, activities, and drama classes, children learn social emotional skills. This aids in their ability to communicate, regulate their emotions, and understand others' emotions. 


We incorporate learning about careers in our monthly themes! It's never to early to learn about community and careers. Through hands on activities and field-trips children will learn about careers in a way that is tangible to them!


There is a positive experience that is associated with gardening at a young age! From planting seeds to caring for their plants and watching the bloom, our dreamers are involved in the process of getting their hands in the soil!

“No matter where you're from,
your dreams are valid.”
– Lupita Nyong'o

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